Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Small Waste

Most of you have probably seen Disney's new full animated short film, Paperman. It's a really adorable and whimsical short about a missed connection (sans Craigslist). Two people meet at a bus stop in mid-century New York City and exchange a flirtatious glance. The woman hops aboard the bus before anything else happens. And the man spends the rest of his day trying to get in touch with her, mostly through paper airplanes. Really, you'll have to just watch.

While it's adorable, one thing that bothers me is that the man is kind of dorky and the woman has an unrealistically small waist and the biggest doll eyes you've ever seen. Isn't anyone else tired of this stereotype? This isn't a dig at the dorky guys. This is a dig at artists who continue to further the idea that a woman needs to be beautiful in order to be the leading lady.

Why can't the girl be kinda dorky and imperfect, too? Just curious.

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